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Trip to Carrara


Paul recently passed through Carrara on one of his regular buying trips and and to explore new material.

While searching for particular hues that evoke the feeling of horses (more on this later) he discovered some real beauties. One was this beautiful clear white onyx that resembled fossilised ice more than stone.

He also found this stunning Red Jasper below.



These trips are such an essential part of the creative process, to stimulate ideas and projects. Walking through the stoneyards and talking to the stone specialists opens new pathways for Paul’s work. And the sunshine helps.


Work arrives in Monaco


Paul had a trip to France  last week to set up some pieces sent ahead to Monaco. The work was installed at a new exclusive members club 39 Monte Carlo.  I’m sure that the good followers of Paul’s endeavours are highly likely to pass through at some point so when you do, head straight for the terrace to check them out.



Lagos commission coming to a conclusion….


After the summer season it’s nice to have a meaty project to complete and get everybody back into the swing of things.
These fantastic Carrara heads are no exception. They are a commission for a large project in Lagos, Nigeria that has been in the pipeline for some time. They are in the final stages of polishing now, and if we can just get the paperwork side complete (much harder than the making it currently feels like) then they will be on their way in the next few weeks!


on form prepares to take flight…


on form in Oxfordshire is a biennual sculpture exhibition that Paul has taken part in since 2002. Growing steadily in size and calibre  the show has nurtured many artists through their careers.

It is with great pleasure that Paul installed his work there last week, setting up  seven new sculptures, some made specifically for the site. This winged piece is one of a pair, made from Italian Carrara marble they sit on 18th Century Cornish granite pillars.

The show opens on 12th June and is highly recommended.

Crystal Head


Paul’s Crystal Head was recently bought and has been positioned in the reception area of  a Media Company in St James. The combination of Turkish Onyx, Moroccan Black Marble and Carrara Marble base works well in the space. Paul was so taken with the work place that he had his first experience of considering a desk job…. momentarily of course. Phew!

Carrara quarries


We couldn’t resist sharing this shot from Paul’s recent trip to Italy. He’s been out scouting for blocks to work on for all the upcoming shows such as on form and obviously soaking up a bit of atmosphere at the same time!